At 1 Stop Performance we are well known for our welding repair services.

We can carry out most welding repairs for any car, bike, van or motor home makes and models. From car body repairs to underside rust corrosion, we are qualified in welding and fabrication, and will restore your car to its natural state, if the fault accrues. Whereas most garages are not insured for this service we at 1 stop are fully insured to carry out welding repairs to exhausts, vehicle sills and general repairs to vehicles.

Exhaust Repairs

We have undertaken numerous re-construction jobs on cars, bikes, vans and motor homes, from the rebuild of old rusting parts, to halting rust corrosion on cars which have just started the degradation process.

We are experienced and we guarantee our work, so make us your No.1 choice garage for your car servicing and repair.


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