At 1 Stop performance we know how much your vehicle means to you. We know that repairing your car can be both time consuming and expensive. If you wish to keep your car on the road as long as possible, servicing your car will help you do just that. Regular car service will maintain your car in good working order. It will help to identify any potential problems, so that the issue could be addressed before faults can develop.

It is not possible to keep your vehicle completely repairs free, but regular servicing will help you to minimise the chances of a breakdown if not help you to avoid it at all.

1 Stop performance offers comprehensive service to your cars, motorbikes, vans and motorhomes to keep your vehicle on the road. In the table below you can find our offers and time scale guidelines.

Type of Service

Oil service

Interim Service

Full Service


In between regular services

6 months or 6,000 miles

12 months or 12,000 miles

Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

Fluid Levels Check and Top Up

Brake Fluid

Anti-freeze Coolant

Windscreen Wash

Power Steering Fluid

Essential Checks


Windscreen Wipers

Battery Condition

Charging System

Exhaust Condition

Tyre Tread and Pressure

Full Brake Check

Steering Check

Shock Absorbers Check

Suspension Check

Auxiliary Drive Belt Check

Wheel Alignment Check

Wheel Bearing Check

Brake Fluid Condition


Fuel Filter (Diesel)

Spark Plugs (Petrol)

Air Filter

Furthermore if your vehicle is under warranty it is essential to have it serviced according to the warranty schedule requirements, so to prevent your warranty from becoming void, complete your service in time and at the right place.

1 Stop performance is licensed to work with cars, motorcycles, vans and motorhomes that are under warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

Book great value for money service with 1 Stop Performance today, for a breakdown free drive tomorrow. Book your service here or contact us for further details.

Car Repairs

At 1 Stop Performance we keep your car on the road, so if we diagnose a fault we are here to carry out the repairs needed to fix any problem so that you can use your car as soon as possible.

Repair Promise

We only use manufacturer recommended parts, and as we are a limited company we can repair cars that are under warranty. We always try to advise you in advance which parts would need replacing and to give you as accurate a quote as possible.

Our Mechanic has years of experience which means we will provide you with the solution and not a temporary fix. We will never replace un-necessary parts and will assure that your car is fully repaired.

For high quality repairs at great value, contact us today.