1 Stop Performance is the leading specialist in Stainless Steel Exhausts Systems for any vehicle make and model.

Exhausts are fitted on to the vehicle to direct exhaust fumes away from the vehicle passengers, to improve fuel consumption and engine performance as well as to control noise levels coming out of your vehicle.

Exhaust fumes can potentially be lethal to your health, so it is extremely important to check your exhaust on a regular basis and to keep it in order.

An exhaust consists of a silencer and a catalytic converter linked to an engine by a series of pipes. The tailpipe is the part of the exhaust that we can see extending from the back of the vehicle. The silencer has metal plates or tubes with a series of holes bored into them, exhaust fumes exit the engine under very high pressure, so the holes in the silencer reduce the pressure and help the fumes to leave the vehicle more quietly.

Why do I need to check the exhaust regularly? 

Exhaust Repairs

Unfortunately exhausts can corrode from both outside and inside. There is no general rule on how long the exhaust will last as it depends on the frequency of vehicle use and the length of your journeys, rather than the age of the exhaust itself. Frequent short trips tend to corrode exhausts faster. Vehicles that are used predominately for long journeys will have a longer lasting exhaust.

Only regular checks will help you to estimate when the exhaust will be due for replacement.

Why to fit stainless steel exhausts? 

The main advantage of stainless steel exhausts is durability. Unlike normal exhaust pipes, stainless steel or aluminium exhausts inhibit rust and allow them to last much longer than the normal ones.

Stainless steel exhausts are also more aesthetically pleasant to the eye. As they stay shiny, providing you keep them clean.

In the long run they represent much better value for money. 1 Stop performance fits and repairs exhausts. Race and track cars part and complete exhaust systems, exhausts can be made to comply with desables limits as required on track day events. We are the leading Burton-on-Trent based stainless steel exhausts specialist. We supply and fit flexi pipes, CATS and sports CATS, also exhausts can be fabricated to any vehicle, car and motorbike.

If you think your exhaust needs to be checked, contact us and we will be happy to help you with your queries.